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What is NPWT and what does it used for?


What is NPWT and what does it used for?

NPWT is a therapeutic technique using a suction pump, tubing and a dressing to remove excessive exudate and promote healing in acute and chronic wounds.

Indications: acute or chronic wounds, Traumatic wounds, Infected wounds, Ulcers (such as pressure or diabetic), Burns, Flaps and grafts, etc.

     Suction Pump

Infusion Pole - Where to hang the saline (or medications) for wound irrigation.

Canister Button - To disassemble the canister.

Canister -Where the excessive exudate drained to.

Peristaltic Pump - For wound irrigation.

Power Key (Power Button) - To turn on/off the device.

      Dressing Kits

Dressing (PU) - Dressing is used as a covering or filler for skin wounds or soft tissue defects;

Drainage Tube - To connect the wound to the suction pump.

Film (biological semi-permeable membrane) - It is used to form an enclosed spac


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